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Le Canada and Là où je dors (Grade 6 Core French)




     In March (Mars), I featured the website called Là où je dors by TFO. This month, I am posting the Grade 6 feature and other great resources that help address the Intercultural Understanding expectations in the Ontario FSL Curriculum.


Organization Of This Resource By Grade:
This document groups people on Là où je dors by their location and how it connects with the Ontario Curriculum;

Grade 5 - Quebec
Grade 6 - Canada (Outside of Ontario and Quebec)
Grade 7 - The Americas (Outside of Canada)
Stay Tuned
Grade 8 - Europe
Stay Tuned


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The above document provides a continuum that can be used to plan for the use of this site from grades 5-8 for Core French. To help make these resources work (no spoilers!) in a continuum, please use the resources for the intended grades in Core French. (E.g. Do not use the Grade 6 resource in Grade 5:) You could, however; use it for a higher grade that did not do this in previous years. Note that the junior resources could be appropriate for intermediate with some adjustments. I hope that this can help you with transitions to virtual learning for those who must adjust.

Grade 6 Feature - Le Canada (hors du Québec et de l'Ontario):
There are two options for you for this month. Check out the videos for a quick overview of each option. These could be used as once a week cultural features or as mini units. They could be used for whole class instruction or in centres.  Make a copy of the Slideshows below and customize them for your own classroom use.

Option 1:

Option 1 includes a focus on Là où je dors people that fit the Grade 6 location (Canada ouside of Quebec and Ontario).  It also features Canada, its provinces and territories and the Francophone communities nationwide. Check the Slideshow notes for instructions, website links, activities and additional resources, including ready to use handouts. At the end, there is a template provided for your students to do their own feature of a province or territory. There are LOTS of links and fun animations in this presentation to engage your students! This could work well as a mini unit for virtual learning:) Click HERE to make a copy.


Option 2:

Option 2 focuses on the Là où je dors people that fit the Grade 6 location (Canada outside of Quebec and Ontario). These are the same Là où je dors slides featured in Option 1, but this presentation does not include any of the additional information on Canada and its provinces and territories. Click HERE to make a copy of the Google Slideshow.  Check the Slideshow notes for instructions, website links, reference pages and documents ready for you to use.


Quizlet: The below Quizlet games reinforce vocabulary for Canada.


Les provinces et territoires du Canada

Les villes capitales - Les provinces et territoires du Canada


Les Vidéos (In addition to those already found in the Google Slides):


 Le Canada en 120 secondes                Le Canada et ses provinces                La géographie canadienne  


On voyage à travers le Canada en 120 secondes!



Le Yukon                            Les Territoires du Nord-Ouest                       Le Nunavut



La Terre-Neuve et Labrador                    L'Île du Prince Édouard                     La Nouvelle-Écosse       



Le Nouveau Brunswick                                   Le Québec                                         L'Ontario           



Le Manitoba                                   La Saskatchewan                                     L'Alberta  


La Colombie Britannique 

Grade 7 resource will be posted next on this site. Stay tuned! :)


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Check out the Archive for additional resources and video suggestions.





Check out the Archive for additional resources and video suggestions.


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