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Le Poisson d?avril


Did you know that there is a French version of ?April Fools??

The first of April is called ?Le poisson d?avril.?






Spécial - Poisson d'Avril pour les enfants                      Pourquoi on fait des poissons d'avril ?



    Poisson D'Avril ! Learn French Culture                    Poisson D'Avril // April Fools' Day In French  


Le Poisson d?avril (Make a copy below)



Click here for a copy of the Google Slideshow used to make the above video. Check the notes below the slides for Bitmoji suggestions and links (including sources). Once you make a copy, you can edit it to personalize it.

Ready for some activities? Check out this awesome site called Bout de Gomme for activities that are ready to use in your classroom for le poisson d?avril! It has poems, handouts, activities and crafts en fran?ais! There are a variety of activities for different levels:)

Check back soon for grade 6 ?L? o? je dors? materials:)


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